The law on workplace pensions has changed.  You are legally required to put certain staff into a pension scheme and make contributions.  You will also have to tell your staff about the scheme you put them in.

The Pensions Regulator is the UK regulator of work-based pension Schemes

It is called automatic enrolment because it is automatic for your staff – they don't have to do anything to be enrolled into your pension scheme, but it is not automatic for you. You need to take steps to make sure your eligible staff is enrolled into a pension scheme. Even if you already pay contributions into a pension scheme for your staff, you still need to check if it is suitable for automatic enrolment.

Complete your declaration of compliance

You must complete your online declaration of compliance within five months from your staging date.  This is to confirm that you have complied with law.

From the information that we hold for payroll and pension we shall complete this declaration.

Completing your declaration is a legal duty and, if you fail to complete yours within five months you could be fined.